The dark side of Digitization: what if the system doesn't work

Business & Innovation
re:publica 2016


Digitization can become a vers serious thread for the society as people relay and depend more and more on a always working ICT. We need standards of collaboration between the big ICT providers to make sure the ICT will work as reliable as possible.


Most enterprises and individuals are excited about the new opportunities in the age of digitization and the Internet of Things. Everything is already or will be software based - factories, hospitals, railway stations, telephony, vehicles, air control to name just some. And even in the private life, pupils can't do their homework anymore without a working internet connection.

However, with this mega trend also the total dependency of every individual on a 24/7 working telecommunication and IT is growing massively. What happens with autonomous cars, it the IT doesn't work? A traffic jam? Or worse?


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