Seeing From Above

Science & Technology
re:publica 2016


Satellite images are applied in many different contexts ranging from deforestation, to agricultural yield prediction, to crater analysis in conflict zones. In this workshop we will interpret images and make decisions about sources, verification, and sharing information. This is about satellite data ethics, as well as a hands-on space to learn about satellite imagery application and interpretation.


We see satellite imagery in the news, use it for our desktop backgrounds, and in research, but when do we actually explore the fast growing field of satellite imagery application and the different steps and decisions that are be made in satellite investigative processes? In this workshop we will focus on different areas where satellite imagery is applied, including deforestation, military crater analysis, agricultural land speculation, and human rights documentation.

Groups will form and be assigned satellite images and goals for their investigations to explore the practical and ethical questions that arise when using satellite imagery analysis as an investigative or demonstrative tool.

Documented case studies will be used as a basis to explore satellite imagery application and interpretation. Questions such as: How can satellite imagery be applied in my field? How do I obtain satellite imagery? When is it okay to publish research based on satellite data? - will be addressed.

Stage J
Montag, 2. Mai 2016 - 13:30 bis 14:30