All shifts are already taken! What now? How do I sign up for the waiting list?

The waiting list is for all of those whose preferred work area is already fully booked or for those who registered too late. It can always happen that another registered helper drops out of their shift and we have to re-plan and reschedule. So, our question for you: are you spontaneous and flexible enough that we contact you on short notice to take on a helper shift? We'll send out an e-mail with available shifts by the end of April. We might also get in touch with you by phone a few days before to re:publica to discuss last minute shift openings.

The registration process remains the same. Check the FAQs on how to set up a user account.

During the registration process you'll see “Waiting List” in the work area and shift selection. Signing up to the waiting list is the same as if you were to sign up for a shift – the only difference is that you cannot add day/time/work area.

Please note: you will still receive the obligatory confirmation e-mail stating that you have been signed up successfully for a shift. THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO SIGN UPS TO THE WAITING LIST. We will contact you personally in the event of a free shift.