I am a refugee and want to take part at re:publica TEN as a helper

We would love to have you to work with us as a helper and to welcome you at re:publica TEN. Please register on our sign-up portal and sign up for the 'Tandem Project'.

How does registration work?

  1. Fill out your helper profile. Make sure to fill out all required fields.
  2. Choose a username. Please note: this username will be visible to all registered users. Choose a pseudonym (ex. Anonym42) if you prefer not to use your real name. All other data (age, name, etc.) can only be viewed by our helper management team.
  3. Enter a valid e-mail address.
  4. After submitting, you'll be redirected back to our home page and receive an activation link via e-mail. This could take up to 15 minutes. Remember to check your spam filter. Follow the link and create a password.
  5. Go to “User Account” in the menu (black bar at the top of the page): here you can view your information, make changes or change your password.

How do I sign up ?

In your event dashboard and in the menu you'll find “My Events” under re:publica 2016 featuring the following:

  • “Shifts”: sign up for 'Tandem Project' here.
  • “Work Areas”: here you'll find descriptions of all the different work areas at re:publica 2016.

We will get in touch with you to discuss further details after you have signed up.