Snapchat for Adults


Pupil-turned-teacher Joshua Arntzen

"Here comes the part where I make a fool of myself" is projected on the big screen at Stage 6 of the MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin, with about 500 people sat in front of it. Joshua Arntzen isn't on-site and instead uses an explanatory video to explain the functions of Snapchat: Joshua without a nose, Joshua as a pilot in an airplane, funny face swaps. "Silly faces and filters, that's basically what Snapchat was invented for", he explained.

After the ten-minute video introduction, Joshua gets connected via Sykpe, straight from his bedroom. He personally couldn't make it to the MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin this year, he's got to go to school. In the "Snapchat for Adults" panel he tried to explain the app, that's been so hyped as of late, to the interested crowd and old media hands. In the session, Joshua switched sides and the student became the teacher, answering questions from the large crowd. Who he follows ("Just my friends really, and … – a couple rappers"), how brands influence their customers using the app, or if it bothers him that companies collect personal data: "No, we live in the 21st Century." The crowd applauds.

It isn't just teenagers on Snapchat. Journalists and media companies can be found bouncing around in the "Discover" category. That's just advertising, Joshua explains in his explanatory video. bento, Wired, CNN and many other online portals offer their stories there. When asked, Joshua did say that he found the idea of journalism and news on Snapchat interesting, but the young media expert wasn't aware that they had already been there for a while. Bad news for journalists who have banked on reaching a younger audience through digital storytelling and news on Snapchat.

Image: Screenshot video presentation via Youtube