#FASHIONTECH BERLIN Brings all Players to one Table



The 4th #FASHIONTECH BERLIN will take place 20 January. Forget these winter temperatures – STATION Berlin's Kühlhaus will be heating up when the fashion industry presents the newest innovations in fashion and technology trends.

The growing interest in the merger of fashion and technology is highlighted by the large numbers attending the past three successful 2015 events. The last #FASHIONTECH BERLIN event, in July, registered over 2,000 participants.

During Berlin Fashion Week, on 20 January 2016, #FASHIONTECH BERLIN will bring together inspiring talks and panel discussions with workshops, meet-up areas and exhibitor presentations. The event will feature three thematic tracks, E-Commerce & the Future of Retail, Wearables & Design and Digital Marketing & Communication, and discuss the future of fashion design, current technologies and new methods to increase and convey buyers' experiences, and cover practical insights.

Xenia Deger; photo: MYKITA

The E-Commerce & Retail track will be opened by Ulric Jerome (MATCHESFASHION.COM), with a talk on retail strategies in the luxury brand sector. Jeremy Abbett (Google), Judith Wiesinger (Curashion) and Peter Berger (Magischer Spiegel) will show how the lines between e-commerce and retail continue to blur. Stefan Wenzel (Brands4Friends / eBay Fashion) will give his prognosis for the new year in his presentation “Fashion commerce 2016 – convenient, curated and crossing devices”, while Sebastan Paas, economic advisor on digital industries for KPMG, will offer an outlook on the fashion market of 2025.

The 4th #FASHIONTECH BERLIN offers new event formats in order to broaden and foster conversation between investors, multipliers and users. E-Commerce & Retail will feature a “Roundtable on Fashion 2025”, hosted by KPMG's Sebastian Paas and Mark Sievers. Ulric Jerome (MATSCHESFASHION.COM) will deepen the conversation with the “Roundtable on Retail in the Luxury Space”.

The visual and haptic convergence of fashion and technology is best experienced in the field of wearables and innovative design. Xenia Deger (MYKITA) will present the digital revolution through innovative design in eyeglasses. Enfant terrible Theo-Mass will present his brand new book on wearables (soon to be published by Gestalten). With Annouk Wipprecht, Pauline van Dongen und Lisa Lang (ElektroCouture) the #FASHIONTECH stage will feature three of the foremost creative minds in the fashion/tech design industry. Via two panel discussions, Lang will interview Laura Wass (WXYZ Jewelry) and Wolfgang Schmidt-Ulm (Outfittery) on their motivation to work with designers from the fashion/tech community and integrate wearables into their work.

Anna Rojahn; photo: Fast Forward Imaging

Two workshops will be dedicated to Alexander Jauker (Trotec) and Anna Rojahn (Fast Forward Imaging), who will present new technologies. Trotec will show the endless possibilities for laser cutting in the fashion industry, while Fast Forward Imaging will highlight the future of virtual and augmented reality in the retail sector.

Storytelling and user abilities will feature heavily in the third track, Digital Marketing & Communications. Claudia Wünsch und Yvan Rodic (FaceHunter + A Little Nation) will show the possibilities of the Snapchat app as a marketing campaign tool, while Eva Binda (rewardStyle) examines the evolution of content and storytelling. Christopher Leidinger (Heap), from Berlin's startup scene, will discuss why fashion brands should invest in user generated content. Jana Würfel will round up the track with a presentation on Pinterest as a tool for fashion actors, as well as a workshop on creating a successful presence on Pinterest.

Further #FASHIONTECH BERLIN events, networking sessions and startup exhibitions complete this exciting conference experience:

  • #FASHIONTECH Startup presentation, featuring Inventorum, Stylish Circle, Styla, rewardStyle, Diligent Commerce
  • #FASHIONTECH Collections with Veronika Aumann, Anouk Wipprecht, Pauline van Dongen, ElektroCouture, WXYZ Jewelry, Antelope, Re-Verb
  • #FASHIONTECH Lab: Trotec, Magischer Spiegel, Fast Forward imaging, Statex, Dimension Alley, Stilnest, Phizzard


photo credit: MYKITA & Fast Forward Imaging

20 January 2016, Kühlhaus at STATION Berlin, 4th floor, Luckenwalder Str. 3, 10963 Berlin
Information and free registration at: www.fashiontech.berlin