Mara Berg

Mara Berg

Business Developer

Mara is a business developer / world-traveler / change-embracer / Latin American-enthusiast / green future-believer. At present, she is driving the international marketing of LichtBlick´s virtual power plant IT-platform enhancing distributed energy resources worldwide.

Before dedicating her time to business development, Mara worked in communications at LichtBlick. She concentrated on latest energy news on different social media channels, made product films and partly managed LichtBlick’s Rainforest Project in Ecuador.

Prior to LichtBlick, Mara worked in the marketing department of an international university concentrating on student recruitment. She obtained a Master’s Degree in European Studies, focusing on EU-Latin American economic and trade relations and holds a Bachelor’s degree in cultural economics. Her passion for the Americas led her to spend part of her studies and work experience in Argentina and Chile.


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